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We are back from Costa Rica! Shop is OPEN Mon-Sat 12-5pm

Chuck in Nosara, Costa Rica!Click on pic of Chuck for more…Ana in CR!

Eddy Boy in CR!Maria surfing CR!Ana in Costa Rica!Maria surfing CREd CR backside turnAna in CR

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Peter Mel Wins Mavericks Invitational Contest!

Peter Mel Wins Mavericks Invitational Contest!Click on either pic of Peter Mel to see SURFLINE’s coverage of the Maverick’s Invitational Contest.

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If You Need Anything…

We are at the SURF EXPO in Florida.  If you need anything…

Colin’s cell # 401 297 1877, or call Pat 401 215 6988.

Living Water Team Rider Colin Cook.  Throwing buckets!

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2012 was a great year for JC Hawaii Surfboards!

Dorian lands the January 2013 cover of SURFER Magazine!Dorian gets this month's cover of Free Surf Magazine!Shane Dorian gets 2 covers, “Waterman Of The Year”, “Heavy Water Award” @ SURFER POLL!

Oh Yeah, Dorian’s surfing @ the Pipeline Contest this year was nothing short of amazing!  Knocking Pat Gaduskas off the tour, ending Mick Fannings World  Title race, then his heat with kelly Slater in the Quarter Finals was nothing short of amazing!

If John Carper shapes boards which perform for Shane Dorian and guys who surf very serious waves wouldn’t you benefit and feel more confident with a JC under your feet?Dorian vs Slater Quatert Final heat @ Pipeline - Dec 2012

Living Water has a full range of boards that you can be that confident!

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Happy New Year!!! Catch Living Water’s Massive End of Year Clearance SALE!!!

Great Surf & Skate Gear @ Great Prices = Living WaterbigwaveLiving Water is having a Masssive Clearance SALE!

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Merry Christmas from Living Water Surf Co! Open:11-2pm on Christmas Eve

Rainbow sandalsPL - Day Bagariel7Santa Cruz Drop Thru LongboardZap skimboards at Living Water Surf Co!New - Cool pocket logo!JR Stoked HoodiesCARVER skateboards

Stop by Living Water and enjoy some hot apple cider and Ana’s home baked Christmas cookies! 

Many great gift ideas and Gift Certificates!!Great selection of Ray Ban sunglasses at Living Water!Heavy Weight Living Water Waves HoodyJR Surfer Girls Hoodies!Indo Board 1slide glovesCool brain buckets in all sizes and colors!Globe cruisersSticky Bumps WaxCustom Clever epoxy boards!ready for real surf!  OPEN: 11-2pm on Christmas Eve.Freestyle WatchesAriel7 headphones

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New and Used Surfboards and great deals on wetsuits!

Custom Clever epoxy boards!Living Water will help you pick out the perfect surfboard!  We can offer you expert advice at a great price!!New Mini Tankers (decks) - 7'4 JC, 7'6 Clever, 7'0 Clever New Fish shape surfboards @ Living Water - 6'6, 6'0, 5'8, 5'8used surfboards @ Living Water - 6' Orion tri fin $299., 6'3 Tim Caroll tri fin $175., 7'6 Jacobs single fin $299.used 8'0 mini tanker - deckready for real surf!JC Enablers are made in the USA, a perfect Summer grovel board!JC Hawaii surfboardsNice selection!



With over 60 boards in stock - If you like Longboards, Minitankers, or Fish, everything from beginner Softboards to high performance Shortboards!

If you are traveling this Winter, we have the best Step-ups and Big wave guns in New England!

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ariel7ariel7 headphones and sound disc sports beaniesariel7 - ear budsariel7 - sound disc sports beaniesWE have these Sound Disc Sports Beanies!  Amazing for work outs,  running, biking, snow… click picture to see ariel7 website!

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Living Water = Special Surf and Skate Gifts and Stocking Stuffers too!!

Comet skateboardsFreestyle WatchesGreat selection of Ray Ban sunglasses at Living Water!New - Clever Surfboards - made proudly in the USA!Triple 8 pads and wrist guards for kids and adults too!Cool brain buckets in all sizes and colors!Santa Cruz Drop Thru LongboardGlobe longboardGlobe cruisersLOADED Longboards! - Bamboo TanTien Flex 2 deckZap skimboards at Living Water - Mini Lazers, Wedges, Fish, Carbon Fiber Pro models...PL skim traction barSupport-Your-Local-SurfshopEveryone needs to drink from the Living Water!JC Enablers are made in the USA!Carver - Taylor KnoxTotem dresses from BrazilPL-microdot-tractionIndo Board 2Great gift ideas abound at Living Water! Gift certificates too!!WEST suits!!!slide glovesSticky Bumps WaxPL - Day BagPL-black leashWishing  you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!Z Flex Pintail completes in assorted colors

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Peter Mel is ready for the EDDIE and beyond, picks up his new JC guns in Hawaii!

Peter and JC at the JC factoryPeter Mel's insane Mexican Pipeline barrel!

Peter Mel gets an insane barrel on his trusty JC board at the Mexican Pipeline, click on photo to see the video!


Peter Mel at the 2012 Eddie ceremony

Peter Mel @ the opening ceremony for the EDDIE, begins the waiting period for a 20′ plus day to hold the contetst!  Click on photo for SURFER magazine’s full story.

Peter Mel at Mavs

Did you know that Peter Mel was crowned the 2011/2012 Big Wave World Champion?  Now you do!  Click on his photo for the full story.

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