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Ruggles is safe!

Great news, click on the photo for full story and read how Ruggles was saved! 

Thank you and may God bless all who helped save Ruggles!Ruggles is saved!

Photo of Chuck surfing Ruggles circa 1995, riding a JC board!

Chuck@Ruggles-Hurricane-Sept 1995

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Living Water’s SALE this week – All Hooded wetsuits, Winter Boots and Mitts!

Spring is here, stop by and we’ll help you enjoy the warm air temps and sunshine even in the cold water!

Living Water’s Spring Clearance SALE = Best prices for hooded wetsuits, boots, and mitts.  Get your size before it’s all gone!

West-wetsuit-ad-shot-in-Maine-by-Nick-LevecciaChuck-hanging some toes off the noseWEST boots are toasty warm!Billabong wetsuits teamrider - Shane DorianAlso, looking for used surfboards or wetsuits?   Call Chuck

(401) 662-9291.

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Time is of the essence to protect Ruggles Pt!

A terribly flawed project to armor the coast @ Ruggles Pt. in Newport, RI needs to be stopped!!!

Check out some links below which explain a misguided plan that has approvals in place to construct 2 rock jettys that extend into the Ruggles point surfing area rather than simply concentrating on a more creative Cliff Walk repair.  This invasive plan clearly needs to be researched in greater detail, it could have an adverse and dangerous impact on surfers, marine life, the coastline, and the naturally formed waves found there.  The entire East Coast is full of well intentioned jetty projects meant to armor the coast but turned out to be failures, even creating adverse effects a little further down the coast!   There is very little time to get involved and make a stand and help protect a rare, precious, historic, East Coast jewel located right here in RI.

Help save Ruggles!


Posted 2 years, 7 months ago at 10:23 pm.

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Shane Dorian hunting huge Portugal waves on his new JC gun!

Recently, JC rider Shane Dorian chased a BIG, Winter, swell across the pond in Portugal.

Shane readied a new 11′6″ gun that John “JC” Carper made for him.

Shane proceeded to score some crazy, cold water, bombs he was hunting for and found himself featured on 2 covers of European surf magazines!

Cover - Shane Dorian charging huge Portugal!Dorian - Carve magazine -coverDorian's new JC gun!

Shane has been tearing mere mortal waves apart on his JC shortboard this Winter too!Dorian - still in love with surfing!

Life is full of many choices, choose the finest surfboards available, choose to rip!!! 

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March Madness @ Living Water!

Living Water is remodeling!It’s March Madness @ Living Water!

Hooded wetsuits, boots, and mitts are clearance priced during the big remodel!WEST wetsuit-features 

Call Chuck 401 662-9291  

Living Water’s full-on remodel project has begun, we are very excited, before and after pics to be posted soon! 

Billa wetsuits!

LOTUS Hooded Winter wetsuit

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Barend’s thaw out in Costa Rica!

Chuck CR cutback 5 A few pictures of the Barend family in Costa Rica this Winter!

Chuck CR snapMaria charging a CR leftEd CR gragging hand on a nice wallChuck CR barrel 4Ana CR slashing rightBarend family in CR 1

Ana enjoying some glassy walls in CRAna CR racing left

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago at 12:41 pm.

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We are back from Costa Rica! Shop is OPEN Mon-Sat 12-5pm

Chuck in Nosara, Costa Rica!Click on pic of Chuck for more…Ana in CR!

Eddy Boy in CR!Maria surfing CR!Ana in Costa Rica!Maria surfing CREd CR backside turnAna in CR

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago at 11:01 am.

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Peter Mel Wins Mavericks Invitational Contest!

Peter Mel Wins Mavericks Invitational Contest!Click on either pic of Peter Mel to see SURFLINE’s coverage of the Maverick’s Invitational Contest.

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago at 5:02 pm.

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If You Need Anything…

We are at the SURF EXPO in Florida.  If you need anything…

Colin’s cell # 401 297 1877, or call Pat 401 215 6988.

Living Water Team Rider Colin Cook.  Throwing buckets!

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago at 9:54 pm.

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2012 was a great year for JC Hawaii Surfboards!

Dorian lands the January 2013 cover of SURFER Magazine!Dorian gets this month's cover of Free Surf Magazine!Shane Dorian gets 2 covers, “Waterman Of The Year”, “Heavy Water Award” @ SURFER POLL!

Oh Yeah, Dorian’s surfing @ the Pipeline Contest this year was nothing short of amazing!  Knocking Pat Gaduskas off the tour, ending Mick Fannings World  Title race, then his heat with kelly Slater in the Quarter Finals was nothing short of amazing!

If John Carper shapes boards which perform for Shane Dorian and guys who surf very serious waves wouldn’t you benefit and feel more confident with a JC under your feet?Dorian vs Slater Quatert Final heat @ Pipeline - Dec 2012

Living Water has a full range of boards that you can be that confident!

Posted 2 years, 10 months ago at 2:22 pm.

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