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Surf your Skate and Surf Better with a CARVER Skateboard!

I feel like I have been surfing almost every day even though the surf has been pretty non-existent this Winter!  I’ve been pumpimg down the line and throwing down big roundhouse cutbacks, carving and turning my board on all these sunny, warm, Winter days!   The best part about it is I feel like I’m in great shape, strong, limber legs and ready to do these same flowing turns once the surf comes up!  Click on the CARVER skateboard picture to see SURFER magazine’s gear review.   Come on by Living Water and mention you saw this post and save $25.00 off that SURFER Magazine price!  Living Water has Hooded Winter wetrsuits discounted $50-150.   Need new gloves?  Living Water has 5mm Lobster Claws $19.95   Surf better, Save your $ = Living Water Surf Co.CARVER Skateboards - Surf Your Skate!

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