Living Water Surf Co.

Warm weather, sun, little surf, and no snow!

No surf and snow, no problem!  You can have a blast training for your next surf and snow session on your Carver Skateboard!With warm, Spring like, conditions Ed Barend and family have been surf training on Carver skateboards!  Living Water has a wide variety of longboard skateboards and added a rack full of new Carver complete’s with those amazing front trucks!  Stop by and try out a  Carver demo board and see for yourself how much it feels like surfing and works out your legs, simply amazing and will keep you in shape!  Get stronger, improve your flow and technique, get ready for that next swell!  Click on Ed’s picture and check out some cool Carver videos!  

Also, $50-$150. off Hooded Winter Wetsuits while they last!   Pick up some warm 5mm Claw for only $29.  

Winter Hours:

Open:  Mon, Wed, Th, Fri, Sat 12 -5pm

Closed:  Tue, Sun 

Chuck’s cell # 401 662-9291 call me, arrange to meet at the shop if you need anything?

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