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Spring is here and LIVING WATER is busy shaping surfboards, winning contests, and having great Sales!!!

Living Water's Spring Clearance Sale!

Chuck shaped and glassed a pretty cool board!The Living Water crew  just returned from competing at the North East Championships held at “The Wall” in New Hampshire last weekend.   Ana and Chuck won their divisions and send a big shout out for Cob Ingles from LC who surfed really well in the JR Mens division.  Cob surfed through 3 rounds and passed into the Semi Finals!

The waves were pretty darn small so it was even more fun riding our CARVER skateboards up and down the Hampton Beach promanade, eating free pizza from generous sponsors (free pizza, all day Fri and Sat!), sunny, warm weather?  

Chuck and Ana won thier divisions up in New Hampshire last week, going to North Carolina for the East Coast Championships in September!Either way, the Northern New England ESA district sure runs a first class event.  A  huge judging scafolding, sponsor tents and electric atmosphere at the contest sight then a first class banquet meal for the awards ceremony on Saturday night.   Nevertheless, the main goal in surfing this NE Regional event is to qualify for the East Coast Championships which is held in North Carolina every September. 

After slugging it out with surfers from ME, MA, RI, NY, NJ, and Great Lakes the real mission was accomplished and we will now head to Cape Hatteras, NC in September and surf some REAL waves!!   Come on by Living Water, not just another store, Living Water is the real deal, experienced, passionate about surfing and training to surf your best.   Living Water is here to serve the Eastern RI and North East surf community.  Click on Chuck and Ana’s trophy picture for ESM’s coverage of the contest.

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