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40 is the new 30!!! Happy 40th Birthday Ana!!!

B 2012_01_20-0103Living Water’s Ana Barend turned 40 yesterday!!!  Ana still rips liked a stoked grom, just with a whole lot more experience!  Here is a pic of her, stoked, surfing with her 12 year old twins this Winter in Coasta Rica.  A homeschhool mom and a surf instructor that can charge and throws buckets of spray!  Surfing has been called “The Fountain of Youth”.  The famous explorer Ponce De Leon was looking for The Fountain of Youth and never found it.  It happened to be alot closer than he ever knew, he almost found it, he  just needed to jump overboard with a surfboard!”  

Hopefully you had a chance to see some live coverage of this weekend’s amazing contest in Tavarua, Fiji?  If not there is great stories and highlights on SURFLINE.  The surf was absolutely pumping with heaving barrels, perfect, and pretty heavy at times! 

Kelly Slater from Florida won at age 40!  The 11 x World Champ won his 49th career victory.  Slater beat surfing’s future, Gabriel Medina, the 19 year old prodigy from Brazil.  The entire contest had inspiring surfing matched with dream waves!

Shane Dorian!

Click on Shane Dorian’s photo and see a video of Dorian at Tavarua, Fiji.  Kelly is showing the world that 40 is definately the new 30 and guys like Occy, Tom Curren, and Shane Dorian are absolutely ripping surfers in their 40’s!!! 

A real inspiration to the older guys and gals out surfing!

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  1. Peter McGarr Jun 11th 2012

    Please keep me posted about local surf stuff. Will be in soon.

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