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Time is of the essence to protect Ruggles Pt!

A terribly flawed project to armor the coast @ Ruggles Pt. in Newport, RI needs to be stopped!!!

Check out some links below which explain a misguided plan that has approvals in place to construct 2 rock jettys that extend into the Ruggles point surfing area rather than simply concentrating on a more creative Cliff Walk repair.  This invasive plan clearly needs to be researched in greater detail, it could have an adverse and dangerous impact on surfers, marine life, the coastline, and the naturally formed waves found there.  The entire East Coast is full of well intentioned jetty projects meant to armor the coast but turned out to be failures, even creating adverse effects a little further down the coast!   There is very little time to get involved and make a stand and help protect a rare, precious, historic, East Coast jewel located right here in RI.

Help save Ruggles!


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