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Living Water has you covered when it comes to Fall and Winter wetsuits

WEST Blake Thornton's barrel

Living Water just received a shipment of 4/3 mm fullsuits, Hooded 5/4mm, and Hooded 6/5mm suits from  Billabong.   Billabong wetsuits are extremely light and the rubber is sooooo soft!  Living Water is really stoked to carry them!   We have a great selection of wetsuits, boots, gloves, hoods in a full range of thickness, sizes, and colors at great prices!  

It’s official,  WEST wetsuits has new owners in Australia.  They are ramping up production once again and just sent Living Water a round of sweeeeeeeet new suits!  Speaking of WEST, stop by for great WEST deals on Saturday.  Living Water’s having a one day WEST clothing Sale!  All WEST apparel is “Buy one get one FREE”   

Open: 11 am – 5pm

Closed:  Tue, Sun 

Dorian in Billabong Hooded Winter suitShane Dorian paddles into Jaws and big wave history!

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