Living Water Surf Co.

Water temps are dropping and LIVING WATER SURF CO can keep you warm and ripping!!

Dorian in Billabong Hooded Winter suitWEST 2mm CapWEST Hooded LOTUS wetsuitNo reason to be cold when 2mm and 5mm Finger Gloves, 5mm Claws are SALE priced at $19.00 and $29.00   Also, 3mm and 5mm Boots are sale pricedWEST 5 finger glovesWEST 5mm Claws WEST's 3 and 5 mm split toe BootsWEST 3mm Hooded Poly Vest (sleeveveless)while they last! 

Living Water has a great selection of Winter wetsuits and accessories – 2mm Caps,  3mm Hooded Vests,  Mitts, 7mm and 8mm Boots.  Everything you need to keep you warm and toasty this Winter!

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